Details of Known Benlysta Side Effects

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America approved Benlysta as a prescription for lupus in the year 2011. This was the first drug to be approved for lupus after about 56 years. Benlysta is a prescribed drug that acts as a monoclonal antibody. Benlysta is used to destroy a few choice cells of the body, and act on the immune system. In this way, damage can be reduced to the cells of a person. The most popular use of Benlysta is for lupus erythematosus (SLE) that is commonly seen in adult males and females. However, doctors do not prescribe Benlysta if the SLE has caused damage to the kidneys or nervous system of the patient. People with lupus can use Benlysta on the doctor’s prescription, to reduce the symptoms of lupus. The use of Benlysta also reduces the dosage of other drugs that might be prescribed to cure lupus.


Benlysta side effectsBenlysta can be taken through intravenous infusion, or IV. This IV is taken once in four weeks and needs to be taken for an hour. It is important to visit the doctor’s office or a clinic to get the IV medication. Benlysta is not available in all countries, and can be acquired in the United States of America by getting a prescription from a doctor. Benlysta is sent into the vein through IV and its main concern is the B-lymphocyte stimulator protein. Through the IV, the hope is to reduce the number of B cells that do not function properly, thus causing lupus. It is very important that while getting the required dosage, the patient is supervised and a trusted doctor or medical professional is delivering the IV.

Benlysta side effects

While researching the drug, the Benlysta side effects were revealed as nausea, fever and diarrhea due to the reduced activity of the immune system. To avoid any side effects, patients should ensure that they do not have allergies to belimumab. The patient should not have any history of cancer, depression, serious infections in the past or present, and any mental illnesses. It is said that if a patient under depression, with thoughts of suicide takes Benlysta, they might have these thoughts more frequently.

The research done for Benlysta side effects so far has not revealed any threat to pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, or unborn children in the mother’s womb. If a woman is pregnant or while still taking Benlysta has planned to become pregnant, she must immediately inform her doctor. It has been recommended that women who are breastfeeding should not continue to breastfeed their children while she takes Benlysta IV as it has not been confirmed if belimumab passes through the milk to the baby.

As Benlysta reduces the action of the immune system, patients might be prone to some forms of cancer. This is a very serious side effect. Another one of this medicine’s side effects is allergic reactions and infusion reactions. If a patient notices symptoms of allergy during their treatment of Benlysta, it is important to immediately contact their doctors as they could be facing one of the side effects. If the reactions get serious, they might even cause the death of the patient.